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Fantastic piece of Work, Kate. If you want to truly understand the nature of socialism, I recommend you to read the book "The Socialist Phenomenon" by Igor Shafarevich. It is an incredible book. Simply mind-blowing.

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Interesting piece. It appears lock downs coming to Britain in October and the leaked report is coming true. Stated that they would make up variants using hay fever Ong other things The leaked letter was from Neil Ferguson to a number of people including Met Police. . The first part occurred prior to the G7 meeting so I guess the leaked letter was put on hold due to leak. Instead they pretended to be on the Brits side . They will force remainder of citizens to Vax and clearly state the Blacks and immigrants are the problem. They would even threaten to take the children. So if they lock down in October Neil Ferguson who states he has leverage over the British government is pulling the strings.

As regards the unvaxxed being dangerous and a threat it's the opposite. The vaxxed are. A WHO infectious disease doctor Christian Perreonne states the unvaxxed are not the danger and the Israelis are proving that and France Health is up in arms because they have lied to the citizens and made them angry with vaccine passports This infectious disease doc states the vaxxed need to be quarantine as they can get seriously ill. Imagine the hate rhetoric of Justin Trudeau regarding the unvaccinated. Why is the RCMP not arresting him. Now Trudeau is caught. This hate speech against the unvaxxed has brought about hate speech every where on social media including in Germany and across the world . Gas the unvaccinated. .get the shot or be shot unvaccinated should be locked out of healthcare. How silly when it's the unvaxxed who are healthy and the Israel and British data is proving that. This is a Hitler mentality. Check out the Milgrew experiment and that proves it. 1960s experiment showing how people were brainwashed in going against their moral fibre to do stuff. Fear coercion big tools.

So for those calling the unvaxxed selfish perhaps you would do well to check out and research everything before rendering judgement. They are not anti Vax. They are against experimental novel gene therapy. Yes it's gene therapy technology...experimental vaccine attempt by tweaking mRNA technology to hack the cells genetic code to produce the spike protein and then antibodies. It is regulated under gene therapy rules. In fact in the SEC filing as gene therapy it speaks of toxicities that would happen and healthcare would be necessary to figure out and treat the adverse events. So firing health care who refuse the shot seems contrary to what Biontek /Pfizer states in the SEC filings and we see throughout the world the adverse reactions mystifying doctors. So clearly our FDA and Public Health that gave emergency use failed to pay attention to this kind of stuff and bring more healthcare prior to this novel experimental shot being administered . In fact in October 2020 FDA knew of 24 adverse events including myocarditis Bell's palsy blood clots etc. But funny eh they never told that to people at the vaccination centres. They told you to run and hide and don't see family as it's dangerous for a novel coronavirus but rush out and pull up your sleeves for an experimental novel jab at vaccination centres with many people you don't know. I hear the reason for staff shortages were nurses ran to vaccination centres to make more money.

Graphene oxide is supposedly the mystery ingredient in all the vaccines. I believe it was listed in the China patents and redacted in USA. Graphene oxide causes blood clots and respiratory symptoms including pneumonia and myocarditis. It mimics covid symptoms. Then you have ADE now happening in Israel Britain USA and Canada . Wild virus is making people sick with covid symptoms. Common cold now harder to fight More to come Theresa Tam recalled masks with graphene for safety hazards. Well what about the vaccines then?

So for the continued rhetoric the unvaxxed are a public health threat maybe you should check the data and what an expert states from WHO. Here is simple logic.. if the vaxxed can get and spread covid then does it matter on an airplane if you sit beside the unvaxxed. Do you care if a vaxxed or unvaxxed gives you covid? It's the same right? Theresa Tam stated in November rare spread on aircraft so Trudeau is clearly spreading hate against the unvaccinated with misleading info.

Many reports of the vaccinated filling hospitals and very little covid. Doctors of Ontario who want a few minutes of fame caught lying on Twitter with respect to unvaxxed getting covid and hospitalized.

Now we have the CPSO stomping on the 2005 UN declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights and the leaders. They are contravening every article. That declaration superceded the Nov 1945 UNESCO declaration. You know after Nazi Germany. So the UN Ambassador from Canada is stomping on that UN Declaration. A treaty that is both domestic and international. Keeping all screenshots of what these guys say. The RCMP should be doing something about this hate speech. The SCC has clearly upheld the rights of individuals as respect medical treatments and it's their decision regardless of what doctors or the community which includes media and government think is right. The data does not support a pandemic or emergency. The Nuremberg Code is to be upheld and that is the right of everyone to have informed consent and a medical treatment is for you not for someone else just like risky experimental surgery is your choice no one else's. This rhetoric do it for your community or to get back to normal or to unlock is against the Nuremberg Code the 2095 UN Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights and the Canadian Charter upheld by the SCC. End of discussion on that. The articles of that UN Declaration is to protect generations to come which includes fertility and child birth so a vaccine causing miscarriages stillborn babies and deformities falls under this Bioethics Declaration. This vaccine never had trial studies with pregnant females and in fact it was stated if you planned on getting pregnant in three years don't take the Vax.

The CPSO is clearly violating the Charter and the UN declaration and SCC decision and budding their noses in the doctor patient relationship with respect to medical exemptions and they will be ending up at the International Criminal Court at the Hague. I hear that Canadians and other lawyers have submitted complaints to the ICC at the Hague for crimes against humanity. This is a huge contravention not to be taken lightly. The CPSO show their true colors and it's not about health and welfare. The media deserves to go there too along with Trudeau Tam Ford Elliott those tv doctors and all those uttering hate towards the unvaccinated.

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The Milgrew Experiment is very eye opening. Especially where authority won over conscience in majority of adults even when the screams of people being hurt were being played in their ears.

I think all the police in Canada who engaged in assaulting people not wearing masks or young people playing hockey and even the scenes playing out in real life in Australia and France right now where police are hitting older people and young people for not wearing masks or outside when they shouldn't prove the Milgrew Experiment. Remember the Milgrew Experiment was done as Nazis were being tried and the question was...were these people just following orders or willing accomplices.

Everyone would do well to read this experiment. There is no exploitation of any genocide. It's the mentality that is under the microscope

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Nice catch on the Milgrew Experiment. The current Mayor of Ottawa would do well to read it He states the covid restrictions shouldn't bring about references to the Holocaust. He forgets it's the parallel mentality. Trying to mandate vaccines or lose job or being segregated based on Vax status follows exactly what was done to the Jews.. It's the steps leading up to the genocide of the Jews that are similar and the calling of the unvaxxed public health threats that are similar to calling the Jews unclean people.

Is that what tax payers fund for a mayor. One who lacks education and critical thinking. Perhaps he should stop covering up for crooked police. That might be a better use of time instead of being on Twitter making himself look stupid. The fact that he posts that way indicates that he knows what's taking place is history repeating itself. The future remains to be see how many people are killed because of this.

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