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Excellent article and video!

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If we had any doubts about the inability of humans to recognise evil today, despite the lessons of the past, we need only look at what Israel does in the name of Jews and Judaism, dead and alive, in Occupied Palestine.

If followers of a religion who had many suffer during the Second World War are unable to recognise evil in themselves then what hope is there for others? Yes, there are some Jews and some Israelis who speak out but they are a minority quickly silenced.

To limit the power of evil we must make sure that everyone who can and wishes to speak out does so, around the world, and thanks for this article in that process.

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Roslyn, this is the most ignorant expression of today's big lie I've yet to see. It's completely fallacious, & it's evil. Views such as you express here spread evil.

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I can understand that those who believe in the dream and fantasy of the Israeli State are upset by what I have said, but, it seems to me it is one of the clearest and most horrifying examples of what this article is about, i.e. the banality and ordinariness of evil, so much so that people do not recognise it for what it is.

I have been to Israel, worked with and for Israelis, have some good friends, but I can still see that what they are doing to the indigenous people of the land they have colonised is evil and that it is as bad as it is because so many of their supporters defend, support and encourage them in what is evil.

It is evil to deny the humanity of others and any reading of the history of Israel from its foundation makes it clear that the Palestinian Muslims and Christians were deemed to be inferior, less than human and a threat to the religious nature of the colonial State.

The hatred and fear of the indigenous Palestinians corrupts and corrodes Israel and I feel desperately sorry for Israelis. They could and should be better than they are but that will not happen while their supporters encourage their denial and lies, which fuel the evil.

Evil, real evil, is very ordinary and people see it as normal. On my first visit to Israel I was shocked at the levels of poisonous racism expressed toward the Palestinians, or rather, Arabs as they call them, by which they mean non-Jews. Great people, intelligent people, wonderful people, who could not see that their words were evil and who, with every passing year, hate, detest and despise the original people of the land they have stolen simply because their existence threatens the fantasy of Israel.

Evil destroys those who practice it more than anyone else and that is the tragedy for Israel. They are a reflection of the Germany so many hate and that in psychological terms is the shadow effect writ large: we become what we deny in ourselves.

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What is a lie? It is not a lie that Israel occupies and colonises all of Palestine. It is not a lie that Israel denies 6 million Palestinians freedom, justice and human and civil rights because they are not Jews but Muslims and Christians. It is not a lie that non-Jews in Israel are second-class citizens and both Israeli and international human rights groups have called Israel an apartheid State. It is not a lie that Palestinians, because they are non-Jews, suffer appalling oppression and cruelty.

Israel was created, in the name of Jews who died at the hands of the Germans, although Zionism had been planning to colonise Palestine since the late 19th century. None of that is a lie.

And the human rights atrocities and war crimes regularly committed by Israel to maintain occupation and colonisation of Palestine is not a lie either. You may not call any of that evil but I do. I also have no doubt that Jews who died during the Second World War would be spinning in their graves, rocks and all, at what Israel does in their name. What is evil is when people deny the reality of the Israeli State and thankyou, that was and is my point.

The truth will be called evil by those who deny the truth but it is not evil and that is a point of the above article. Did you miss it?

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I totally agree. Evil is as evil does. And Karma is a bitch!

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Comment deleted
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If you will bother to read some New Testament scripture, you will grasp why your feeling of Jewish diaspora is so utterly wrong

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I’m guessing that your claim of having Jewish friends is supposed to make us think that you are a fair player on both sides of the fence. Not working for me. Try dishing your bullshit in another direction.

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If you bothered to read what I said, I said I had Israeli friends and had been to Israel and worked with and for Israelis, which provides a higher level of knowledge of Israel and Israelis than most people have.

I was talking about Israel, not followers of Judaism.

You are quoting me saying something I did not say and applying your prejudice and ignorance to your ridiculous interpretation. Not working for me. Try dishing your propaganda in another direction.

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Of course, Frau

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Childish response but thanks, an admission you cannot make a coherent rebuttal of anything I have said and so my claims stand as valid. At least we have that clear.

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Well, don’t jump to that conclusion… your claims are valid only in your own mind. Been a long time since I have seen such an attack on Israel as you have held up for the readers to see. Somewhat chilling, I might add. Btw, most learned folks see Jews as more than just stewards of religion. I’m sure you are aware of Israel’s immigration laws and how selective they are. Designed to confer A home for the Jewish people, I might add. Your condescending and snarky tone to me indicates your inability to accept anything but your own anti semitic rants. You feign knowledge of Israel’s plight because you have many Jewish friends.you think that adds legitimacy to your cruel diatribe. My incoherent rebuttal, as you mention, does not validate any of your misguided, vicious attack. Best of luck in your endeavors, Frau

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If you can rebut what I have said then do so. If you cannot then what I have said stands. It is as simple as that and no jump.

Chilling is a subjective term which an individual selects based on their own understanding or lack of it. Yes, truth can be chilling and painful and sometimes cruel but it beats lies.

No, most educated people do not see Jews as more than their religion. They see them as members of a religion, Judaism. Zionists and atheist Israelis certainly push the delusion that Jews are more than a religion but that is only because they seek to justify the colonial theft of Palestine.

Yes, I know Israel's racist apartheid laws. I have worked with and for Israelis.

There is no Jewish people anymore than there is a Christian people, beyond religious metaphor of course. Religions do not make a people.

Some 20% of Israelis are Christians and Muslims and many of the rest are atheist/secular, which, by any stretch of rabbinical imagination means they are not Jews.

You misquote. I never made the comment about Jewish friends. You invented that. I said I had worked with and for Israelis and had some good friends in Israel.

And, for what it is worth most Jews do not live in UN Mandated Israel, never did and never will and most Israelis are not Jews.

The only reason Israel exists is because the atheist Zionists worked from the mid to late 19th century, long before Hitler, to convince others that Jews were at risk in Europe and they needed to set up their own colony in Palestine. Well, they did not use the word colony but that is what it was and is. And the Zionists also predicted a certain figure in the millions, of Jews who would die in Europe, in the late 19th century to seek to justify support for their plans to colonise Palestine.

It all ignored the other painful realities that even during the Second World War most Jews lived safely in many countries, including parts of Europe and were never at risk.

As it is, younger Israeli Jews are leaving in droves and returning to the countries their colonist parents and grandparents left. One of the biggest communities is in Berlin so they feel safer in Germany than they did in UN Mandated Israel. I find that a healing fact but for you perhaps it is chilling.

I am sure such facts are chilling. Best of luck to you also.

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Somehow you feel that this article goes to the heart of your repugnant blather. Good try in “latching on”. Didn’t work

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Kudos, well done.

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well researched, thoughtful.

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Kate, have you seen this? From a professor of 'Medical Ethics', which sounds like Newspeak for eugenics.


"‘Morality pills’ may be the US’s best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic

My research in bioethics focuses on questions like how to induce those who are noncooperative to get on board with doing what’s best for the public good. To me, it seems the problem of coronavirus defectors could be solved by moral enhancement: like receiving a vaccine to beef up your immune system, people could take a substance to boost their cooperative, pro-social behavior. Could a psychoactive pill be the solution to the pandemic?"

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Appreciate you. ...getting to the heart of this unAmerican mess.

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Enjoyed the article, but believe the video is now unavailable on YouTube…

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